Group Coaching:

Group coaching is virtual or live (when possible) and allows a small group to address a topic together. Clients get to benefit from the support, accountability, and collective wisdom of a group as well as a coach. Together, we share information, define goals, take action, and create a sense of community with the purpose of growth, transformation, and empowerment.

Package includes:     

Bloom Packet to fill out prior to coaching

You will receive a packet to organize your thoughts and reflect on how you would like to use coaching to improve your life path. The packet helps you get clarity before our sessions, saving group time for true coaching and self-analysis and growth.

Five weekly classes

Each week, the group will meet for 90 minutes to deepen awareness on key issues, set goals, take action and establish accountability structures. Clients will explore topical information, their personal goals, and action steps while having coaching opportunities in an intimate, small group setting.

Bloom workbook with guided assignments to aid you as you define your path, talents, challenges, and action steps.

Each week, you will have guided exercises that will help with your journey inward that leads to outward results and goal achievement. The hard work is up to you as a client, but I provide all the tools for your toolbox.

Exclusive Online Support Community

An online support community is set up for you, your fellow classmates, and your coach to keep the good vibes going outside sessions.

One Personal Coaching Session with Molly

All group clients get a one hour coaching session with Molly to further explore their desires and needs as an individual.


Looking for something different?

Check out our individual coaching for a deeper
One-on-One experience or our Grab-n-Go classes for
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Current Group Coaching Topics


Maybe you know you need a change to live your best life. Or maybe life has thrown an unexpected curve your way that requires a change you didn’t see coming. Maybe someone else has made the choice for you, and you need to face a life change with all the strength and grace you can muster. No matter what your situation, navigating change can be hard, emotional, and sometimes turbulent.

Do you know in your heart and soul that you aren’t walking your true life path, but life obligations have gotten in the way?

Maybe your soul is tired of running the rat race and is calling for a change. A change that reflects your values, and heart song.

Do you spend your time dreaming of a life that has more purpose, time, passion?

Are you in a place you want to honor your soul and transform yourself in a meaningful way?

Understanding and managing change in a group coaching environment with a support group of people with similar needs is a safe, celebratory way to approach change. Explore the process of change, identify where you are at personally, identify actions steps to make change happen, and walk towards change empowered and with confidence.

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Build a Life you Love I
475.00 1,500.00

Build a Life Love is a group coaching class focused on achieving a desired life change. Build a Life You Love 1 will help client create a vision, set goals, and know what action is needed!

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Build a Life you Love II
300.00 1,500.00

Build a Life you Love II is a continuation of Build a Life you Love I. The focus of this course is to get coaching and have accountability for the plan you designed in Build a Life you Love I. Sharing your goals and having accountability and support for the action steps in the #! way to be successful.

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