Educational Coaching

Empowering students to take control of their academic future.

Sometimes students need assistance with academic achievement, others need clarity on career goals or guidance in the college application, selection, and on-boarding experience. Some students have learning disabilities or other underlying issues that require assistance with organization, study techniques, or academic skill building. No matter what kind of student you have, educational coaching can help!

Bloom educational coaching focuses on:

·         Setting and achieving academic goals

·         Academic skill development

·         SAT and ACT preparation

·         College application and selection

·         College preparation

·         Coaching on life issues such as identity development, social issues, emotional development,

self-advocacy, responsibility, living one’s best self, and confidence building.

·         Transition and on-boarding to college

·         Stabilization and success in college

·         Transition from college to career


Educational coaching helps students through empowerment and a life coaching platform to help them identify their ability and skills, build confidence, find and place themselves into their academic path and connect their values to their future built through educational choices.

Bloom coaching allows students to find the best version of themselves, the right educational path for them, gain confidence in themselves, and the choices they make, and experience academic success.

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Molly (15 of 25).jpg
Molly radiates an energy of honest concern and affection. Not only did her constant care clean up my unorganized and unplanned life, but she always was able to make me much happier. Without Molly, I don’t know if I could figure out high school or feel confident stepping into the future.
— Alex
Molly gave me my courage back. Molly gives off this energy that just tells you that ‘everything is going to be fine’ and ‘we are going to get this figured out’. Not only was Molly my biggest supporter when transitioning from high school to college, she was my biggest ally in all things mental and emotional.
— Mercedes

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Click for the latest Spokesman articles about test anxiety featuring Bloom!