One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching to help you explore what your soul wants, define your vision for your best life, the path to get there, and take action to make those dreams come true.

Maybe you know that you are stuck in the day-to-day and dream of finding a path that you are passionate about. Maybe you have heard your soul for a while, but need help with the steps to make your dreams a reality. Maybe life just keeps getting in the way of you pursuing your true path. Coaching can help.

It’s time to honor your soul, talents, and passions. Let’s get started!

One-on-one coaching is individualized so focus on your unique dreams, challenges, and needs as a client.

Package includes:     

Bloom Packet to fill out prior to coaching

You will receive a packet to organize your thoughts and reflect on how you would like to use coaching to improve your life path. The packet helps me get to know you before our sessions, saving our one-on-one time for true coaching and self analysis and growth. We’ll review in our initial session where you get to share your hopes and dreams with me.

1.5-2 hour intake session    

This extended, initial session allows time to explore your background, values, challenges, desires, goals, and passions. We will lay our foundation for working together and design our partnership for ultimate results. This is where the good stuff begins!


12 hour long sessions over a 4 month time frame. 3 sessions/month

Individual sessions take place virtually or locally, depending on the client location and needs. Each session is an hour in length and addresses you unique, individual needs as a client. Each session builds on each other so you are growing in your work and making progress towards your goals. It’s so exciting to see the transformation clients can make from week to week! There is an intentional break one week a month so the the client can reflect on progress and the coaching process.

Bloom workbook with homework to aid you as you define your path, talents, challenges, and action steps.

Each week, you will have guided exercises that will help with your journey inward that leads to outward results and goal achievement. The hard work is up to you as a client, but I provide all the tools for your toolbox.


Weekly e-mail or text support to support you as you Bloom.

When ongoing support is helpful, it is provided! Some clients like time and space for processing and reflecting and others like a bit of affirmation in between sessions. Additional support is available for clients who find it beneficial.


Bloom Box

My gift to you for allowing me the honor to assist you in your growth journey! You will receive a Bloom Box with everything you need to do the work as well as symbols of empowerment and growth.



Additional Questions about Coaching:

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Together, We Bloom.