February-Where Resolutions Go To Die.

Did you know that by February, 80% of New Year’s resolutions have failed?  We have all been there-we set out with the best of intentions, we want it so bad we can feel it in our bones, we tell ourselves this will be the time it matters. We want to start exercising more, we buy all the gear, we get a gym membership, we survive the January crowds of a million of our new best friends with the same goal.  Then, by Valentine’s Day, we are back on the couch vegging and binge watching Netflix instead of bending or bouncing our way to a new body.

Whether we desire a change of an active lifestyle, a new career, to unplug more, or to turn over a new leaf with our health, we are all susceptible to failure to launch. Time and time again, we pick a date on a calendar, have a life event, or some outside force that triggers a change.  Change is not successful based on a calendar date, another’s urging, or being scared by a health event.

5 Ways to Create Lasting Change:

1.       Look at change as a process. This one may seem familiar of you have read my other blog posts. It really is worth repeating. It can be successful if it involves actions like reflection, planning, and accountability is involved.

2.       Ask yourself if you are really ready for the change. There are stages involved in the change process and real change can’t happen if you aren’t ready for action. If you know you should change, but don’t really want to or are thinking about the change, but not really ready to act on all of the necessary steps, your efforts may be short lived. Readiness matters.

3.       Understand and connect to why you are making the change. Your why is powerful, very powerful. It should be something close to the heart, close to home. For example, when I made the change from a 9-5 to a business owner, you could say it was because I wanted balance. The truth is I wanted to be close to my babies. There was a time I didn’t know if I’d get to have children.  Now that I have a family, I want to be with them as much as possible. To bake cookies with them, read them books, be with them when they are sick. They are why I took the leap of faith. They are my why. What’s yours?

4.       Think about why you haven’t been successful in making the change in the past. Have a plan for those barriers (and others you can think of) in the event they are a reality again.

5.       Build in accountability. Pick someone to help you fulfill your goal. It can be a coach, a partner, a friend, an accountabilabuddy. Having someone one with you on your journey can make a difference.