When Your Soul Is Searching

5 Signs You Need a Change

Some of us love change. LOVE. Thrive in it really. Others-do not. NOT. I had a client once who wanted help with an affirmation. So I put on the Dr. Molly hat and said, “Repeat after me...I am a strong woman who is capable of creating change in my life”. Her response was, “I think I’m going to throw up”. Fair enough. Let’s back up.

It wasn’t her comfort with change that made her seek out life coaching. It was that she knew she wanted a change. Our comfort level doesn’t designate or correlate our want or need for change. It just allows us to navigate change in different ways.

For those that change make queasy, it can get in the way of us listening to our inner self asking for the change or avoid  the hard reflective work necessary to facilitate a change. There are signs when your soul is seeking something new:

5 signs you need a change

  1. You spend time dreaming about what your life would be like “if”. This “if” can be how happy you would be “if” you had a different career, how good you would feel “if” you had a healthier lifestyle, or how much more secure you would feel “if” you had more retirement. There are many “if” scenarios that keep us from being present in our actual life and pre-occupied by the one that could be. This is your inner voice asking for a change. Sometimes it whispers, other times it nags us all night long.

  2. You’re burnt out. If the life you have been living feels like a chore, you might need a change.

  3. You feel stuck. Listen to me-you are only stuck if you allow yourself to be. That is not only advice, but something I have told myself in the mirror right before every one of my big life changes. None of us our stuck because we are capable of building a life we want. We may have obstacles and challenges, but change is about addressing those things.

  4. You can’t wait for the day to get over. If the way you are choosing to spend the day is watching the clock waiting for it to get over, that is no way to live. I would argue that you aren’t living. Many of us have fallen victim to it. I myself have had jobs in my life that I became the clock watcher, always ready to end my work day so I could start “real life”. Wait. Isn’t the majority of our day our real life? Hmmm...

  5. Those around you are encouraging a change. In the change process, we don’t achieve true change if we are just doing it for other people. However, if our loved ones are suggesting a change it’s worth a pause to think about why they are making the suggestion. If their urging comes from a place of observing you constantly dreaming about something you aren’t doing, living anywhere but in your present life, feeling stuck, or bored, or burnout, they may have a point. Take time to listen, then listen to the voice inside you.

Molly Kreyssler