Weapon of Choice: Intuition vs. Baseball Bat

I have a friend that believes our soul tells us change is needed long before we tend to listen. You can call this voice whatever you want.. your soul, intuition,  inner child...no matter what the label, there is something inside us that nudges us in the direction of who we need to be and where we need to go.

Your inner voice may say something quietly and if you brush it aside, it gets louder and louder over time. If you choose to ignore the part of you that seeks change for too long, the universe takes care of the situation and hands you what you need whether you feel ready for the change or not. It’s your choice, my friend, start listening to your intuition or keep having the universe smack you. Pick your poison-intuition or the proverbial baseball bat to the head.

Sounds simple, but clearly there is a reason we can’t hear our inner voice over time.  Maybe it’s because we want to be responsible (straying from a career that is secure doesn’t make financial sense-does it?). Maybe it’s because we are comfortable (this relationship is all I have ever known, I won’t find anything better-will I?) Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because we don’t believe and trust in the inner voice and our self (I’d never be able to be successful-would I?) Life’s too short-you get to choose how to spend your walk. Take some time to get quiet and listen. I promise it will be worth it.

Three ways to avoid the baseball bat.

1.  Take small steps.   One of the reasons that life change is so scary is because it is so big. We often see the whole elephant instead of eating it one bite at a time.  You can, however, make small steps (or take small bites) towards your goal. Instead of realizing you have ended up in the wrong career, quitting the next day because of said realization, then having to deal with fall out-start small. Break the process into steps. For example, make a list of your passions, research jobs that include what you love, talk to others who work in the field.  

2. Practice small changes to begin building the change muscle. We are comfort zone creatures. Stepping out of the zone we have built is uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming, and fucking scary.  Think of some reasonable changes you can work into your everyday life that allow you to realize that change does not equal death. It can be simple-change where you shop, try a different workout, get adventurous with foods. You might actually learn something and gain skills to apply to bigger changes.

3. Get a coach. This suggestion is not completely self serving because I am a coach, but a  recommendation from someone who uses coaches herself. Coaching allows a person to set goals, share them with another person, and have accountability. This is a perfect formula to get you started with whatever you're ready to start taking action towards.